This is a portfolio website for independent environmental consultant and freelance writer-editor, Sue Matthews. 

Sue studied at the University of Cape Town, ultimately completing an MSc in marine ecology that was awarded with distinction in June 1991.

Her first formal job – as a natural history editor at Struik Publishers – allowed her to combine her flair for the written word and her love of the natural world, but the environmental sciences soon beckoned again.

Over the past 20 years she has taken up a number of posts and short-term contracts that fulfilled these interests, having been employed as an estuary management coordinator, biological oceanographer, conservation ecologist, environmental officer and communications coordinator, among other things.

She has also maintained a freelance writing and editing career focussing on environmental science, conservation and management.

Exposure to a wide range of fields has broadened her knowledge considerably, imparting an insight and versatility that allows her to interpret, communicate and integrate across specialist disciplines. 

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