Environmental monitoring


Sue conducted a range of monitoring activities during her time as Estuary Management Coordinator for the Overstrand area, and has a particular interest in water quality and other aquatic monitoring.

Her marine science training and subsequent employment in the Sea Fisheries’ plankton section, followed by her work for the Water Research Commission, gave her a good understanding of physico-chemical and biological parameters in both marine/coastal and freshwater environments.


She has conducted nutrient and chlorophyll analyses, as well as phytoplankton and zooplankton (micro and macro) counts, and has a basic knowledge of metal contaminants and persistent organic pollutants.

Through her collaboration with Whale Coast Conservation, Sue has access to an Aquaprobe 2000 that measures electrical conductivity, total dissolved solids, salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH and depth. Water samples can be collected for other analyses and sent to commercial laboratories.

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